Litigation Support

The professionals at Kensington provide expert witness, litigation support and consulting services for legal proceedings involving structured and derivative products.  Our professionals have extensive experience, prior to joining Kensington, as derivative providers encompassing trading and valuation, structuring and sales and management of derivatives marketing teams. This prior experience, in combination with our daily activities as derivative advisors, allow our professionals to provide expert insight on virtually all aspects of the fixed-income derivative markets.

Engagements have included topics including, but not limited to, regulation, structuring, hedging, ISDA documentation, execution, management and termination of derivative products, including futures, swaps, swaptions, caps, floors, collars, as well as  bonds,  repurchase agreements, GICs, forward delivery agreements and other structured financial products. Kensington has significant expertise with respect to the Termination Provisions of the ISDA Master Agreement in connection with Events of Default or Additional Termination Events, and other distressed situations.

Kensington provides unbiased and impartial expert testimony and litigation support services for plaintiff and defense attorneys. We have experience working on matters that represent the interests of both financial institutions as well as their counterparties. Our engagements include contract disputes where one or both parties are operating during Chapter 11 proceedings.


  • Review and advice on contracts/documentation, disputes and market practice
  • Review of pleadings, depositions, and other court documents
  • Expert witness testimony and reports
  • Consultant to litigation firms or commercial enterprise
  • Derivative valuation and pricing (including historical)

Contact Jeff Klein or Jim Moore for additional information on our litigation support and expert witness services. Kensington provides additional support services including Dodd-Frank compliance, reinvestments, and derivative education.